The Peru data differ from the rest of the LAMP data in various respects. Most importantly, since Peruvians out-migrate to a wide range of destination countries, the surveys carried out in Peru collected data on international migration from Peru to all countries, and not only to the United States. The user familiar with the standard LAMP (or MMP) data will note multiple changes that stem from this approach. Variables that in other LAMP databases refer to first/last U.S. trip, in the Peru database refer to first/last trip abroad. Additional variables identify the country of destination for each of these trips. In addition, several U.S. migration-specific variables have been suppressed, while others have been modified to make them suitable to any country of destination.

Irrespective of these changes, LAMP-PERU5 maintains the same structure as the rest of the LAMP databases, consisting of the standard five files: PERS, MIG, HOUSE, LIFE and SPOUSE. We do not provide, however, a COMMUN data file. Instead, we offer an excel data file with some selected community statistics and some census statistics corresponding to the departamento, provincia and distrito were each of the surveyed communities is located.


A person-level file that provides general demographic information and a few migration measures for each member of a surveyed household, and for other children of the household head who are no longer members of the household. Data include age, sex, relationship to head of household, marital status, current economic indicators, and characteristics of the first and last migration trips made to any country in the case of the Peru surveys. Migration trips are defined as those that involve work, the active search of work, or otherwise a period of residence in the United States (or in any other country in the Peru surveys).


A person-level file that provides data on all household heads with labor or residential experience to any destination country. Hence, each record corresponds to a migrant household head. It contains measures of economic and social activity in the destination country. Some refer to the migratory experience in general, while others specifically target the most recent trip.


A household-level file containing information on household composition, economic and migratory activity of household members and other relatives, home/real estate ownership and amenities, vehicle ownership and financing, and business ownership, operation and financing. Each record corresponds to a household.


An event-history file where each record is a person-year. Life file details the labor and family histories of each head of household, for each year since birth until the year of the survey. These data are supplemented by various time-constant variables gleaned from the previous three data files.


An event-history file where each record is a person-year. Spouse file details the labor history of each spouse of household head, for each year since birth until the year of the survey.

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