Latin American Migration Project

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Ethnosurvey Questionnaire

The questionnaire follows a semi structured format to generate an interview schedule that is flexible, unobstrusive and non-threatening. It requires that identical information be obtained for each person, but question working and ordering are not fixed. The precise phrasing and timing of each query is left to the judgement of the interviewer, depending on circumstances. The questionnaire concepts are cross-checked with local informants to ensure their validity, and a separate ethnographic study of the community is conducted to provide an independent base of qualitative information.

Moreover, each questionnaire is tailored to match the particular circumstances prevalent in each country where the LAMP carries out research. To adapt the questionnaire, the LAMP works in close collaboration with local researchers and institutions at all stages of the research enterprise: from survey design and training, to survey implementation. Effort is made, at every stage, to maintain the comparability of our data across communities and countries.



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