Latin American Migration Project

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Instructions to Download the LAMP Data Files


All files contained the the LAMP website are available for public use. We have taken measures to ensure the confidentiality of our respondents. However, to further ensure the confidentiality of our data, we request that you fill out a registration form prior to downloading the files. By submitting the registration form you agree to:

1. Use the data contained only for research or educational purposes

2. Not try to identify any individual, household or migrant community

3. Not dive access to your copy of the LAMP databases to other users who do not agree to respect these confidentiality terms.


Once you click the link below, you will be taken to the OPR's Data Archive page for the LAMP, from where you will login or register as a user of the data archive.

OPR's Data Archive

To download, double click on the file of your choice. A pop-up window will allow you to save the file to a folder of your choice on your computer.


To save space and reduce transfer time, we have COMPRESSED all files. You will need to uncompress the files before you can work with them. We have compressed the files using the "zip" program. A commun unzip utility for Windows is WinZip, which you can download from the web. If you don't already have WinZip installed, follow this link to install WinZip on your computer:


Because most files have been compressed, their name extensions have changed. Below is a chart of the corresponding extension names for compressed and uncompressed files:

File Format
File name extension
SAS transport
SPSS portable

Note: In order to use SAS transport files, you need to change it to the SAS Windows or SAS Unix environment. In addition, if before you can use SPSS portable files, you need to change it to the extension .SAV


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