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Community 1 - 100 households in Haiti

Community 2 - 100 households in Haiti

The second community is located in Southwestern side of the country, on the Jacmel Peninsula, in the Departement de Grand-Anse. The town founded more than 350 years ago and about 80 km of Port-au-Prince, was once a pirate rest stop. A former port for the Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Company, it has become an important port for contraband.

The docks left behind by Reynolds Wrap Company have found a second life: indeed, from sunrise to sunset, life is centered around it. The main street is filled with second-hand stereos, DVD players, and other electronic devices coming from the States, and, as it has been suggested, from the unfortunate victims of crime in Port-au-Prince

Because of the active port, lodging is surprisingly good. Accommodations are available for the transient flow of visitors interested in the town's bustling commercial port. Unfortunately, all this activity has also brought up quite a lot of traffic, which the city has not adequately accommodated to. The air is filled with an acrid smoke and the roads are rather narrow.

In addition, a large number of gambling establishments better known as "banks", line along the streets quite visibly. Normally, tickets for privately operated "lottery" and other games of chance are offered in these banks. These places, though found everywhere in Haiti, seem to be more visible here.

Community 3 - 103 households in Haiti


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