Surveyed Communities

Community 1 - 200 households in Ecuador

Community 2 - 200 households in Ecuador

This community is located in the southern region of the Ecuadorean Andes in the Azuay Province. The community is located about 2,550 meters above sea level, and its temperature ranges between 12 and 25 centigrades.

This is an old parroquia of the Canton where is located, and is one of the largest and most populated. It has various health services, such as, a publich health center, a community medical center, besides various private medical offices, all of which provide health services to the population of this region.

It also has several schools such as kindergarden, elementary and middle schools, located throughout the region, which guarantees education for children and youth of this parroquia. This community also has various sports venues, parks, and churches, all of which serve its population.

Community 3 - 200 households in Ecuador

Community 4 - 200 households in Ecuador


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