Surveyed Communities

Community 1 - 200 households in Ecuador

This community is a rural 'parroquia' located south of the Azuay Province. It belongs to the western part of the Andes Mountain Range, which is known as the Ecuadorian Andes. The center of this 'parroquia' is located about 30 kilometers from the capital of Azuay and it is about 2,680 meters above sea level and extends 6,987.23 hectares.

Since this community is located in the Ecuadorian Andes, and due to its various altitudes, its temperature ranges between 7 centigrades on the highest point to about 18 centigrades on the lowest point which is warmer and more humid.

Economically, this parroquia has several livestock haciendas and is known by its milk production, even though, this production has diminished in the latter years.

Community 2 - 200 households in Ecuador

Community 3 - 200 households in Ecuador

Community 4 - 203 households in Ecuador


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