Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic


Surveyed Communities

Community 1 - 139 households in Dominican Republic and 12 in the U.S.

Community 2 - 97 households in Dominican Republic and 8 in the U.S.

Community 3 - 125 households in Dominican Republic and 9 in the U.S.

Community 4 - 99 households in Dominican Republic and 9 in the U.S.

Community 5 - 147 households in Dominican Republic and 16 in the U.S.

Community 6 - 149 households in Dominican Republic and 5 in the U.S.

Comunidad 7 - 151 households in Dominican Republic and 15 in the United States

Community 7 is located in the southwest of the Dominican Republic, between Sierra Martín García and Neiba Bay, in one of the economically most depressed areas of the country. The region features a moderate subtropical climate, and is undergoing a serious process of desertification. This is a rural area with small conucos for local consumption, in addition to guineo, plantain, pepper, yucca, and corn. There is a marble mine as well, but the village economy depends heavily on remittances sent from Spain and the United States. Since the early 1990s there has been an increase in the number of small grocery stores, barbershops and bars. There is high illiteracy rate among the population of the community. Though most households have running water and electricity, blackouts and water cuts are frequent. Therefore, it is not unusual to see trucks delivering portable water.

Since migration from Community 7 to Spain is important, additional information was collected on that subject in the interviews carried out in that community. In addition, the LAMP interviewed 15 households composed of migrants from this community who currently reside in Madrir, producing a Spain sample in addition to the usual U.S. sample. The standard database, hosever (LAMP-DR7) contains neither the additional variables on migration to Spain nor the households interviewed in Madrir. For the user interested in these data we are offering separated complete datafiles for Community 7. These files (named "pers_sp", "mig_sp", etc.) contain both the standard variables (found in PERS, MIG, etc.) and the Spain-specific variables. They also include the 15 households interviewed in Madrid. We also provide additional codebooks that list the variables not included in the standard files. For these complete data files look for the section "Community 7 with migration to Spain" in the download page. For the supplementary codebooks look for the same title in the Dominican Republic documentation page.

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