How to cite LAMP and its data


You may introduce LAMP using a quote such as the following: "The Latin American Migration Project (LAMP) is a collaborative research project based at Princeton University and the University of Guadalajara, supported by the MacArthur Foundation."

Please cite the LAMP webiste:

Other references to the LAMP or its survey methodology can be taken from our website at your discretion. For example, this site offers a description of the communities surveyed in each country, and presents the questionnaire used in each survey. When citing our website, refer only to the address specifed above and not to specific menus within it, as the website design may change over time. There is no need to use quotes when copying text from the LAMP website.

More on LAMP-COL14 Databases

For the surveys in Colombia done in Risaralda, Quindío and Caldas, the LAMP established an association with the Red de Universidades Públicas del Eje Cafetero - Alma Mater and Fundación Esperanza. For the survey done in Cundinamarca, the LAMP established an association with the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. Finally, for the surveys done in Atlántico and Valle del Cauca, the asociation was between LAMP and Fundación Universidad del Norte.

In addition to acknowledging the LAMP, we request users who work with the LAMP-COL14 database give credit to all institutions who have supported fieldwork throughout these years. The following is an example of proper acknowledgement involving only the Colombian datasets:

"The LAMP-COL14 database compiles data gathered by the Red de Universidades Públicas del Eje Cafetero - Alma Mater ( /, Fundación Esperanza (, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, and Fundación Universidad del Norte in association with the Latin American Migration Project (LAMP: The MacArthur Foundation, Fundación Esperanza, and Alma Mater provided financial support throughout this process."


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