Costa Rica

Costa Rica


Surveyed Communities

Comunidad 1 - 199 hogares en Costa Rica and 18 en los EE.UU.

Comunidad 2 - 198 hogares en Costa Rica and 1 en los EE.UU.

Comunidad 3 - 198 hogares en Costa Rica and 16 en los EE.UU.

Comunidad 4 - 198 hogares en Costa Rica and 2 en los EE.UU.

Comunidad 5 - 200 hogares en Costa Rica

Community 6 - 201 households in Costa Rica

It is located in the eastern region of the San Jose province and known by its ancient settlement based on indigenous groups.

Today's economic activities are concentrated in various kinds of commerce, including two important malls in a metropolitan area where 60% of the total population of Costa Rica lives. Most of the community's laborers work in San Jose and its surroundings.

Even though this community is nearby San Jose city, this has not slowed down the community's development. This region is characterized by areas with ancient settlements and recent housing developments and neighborhoods, attracting people from other metropolitan areas to settle.

Comunidad 7 - 197 hogares en Costa Rica


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