Costa Rica

Costa Rica


Surveyed Communities

Comunidad 1 - 199 hogares en Costa Rica and 18 en los EE.UU.

Comunidad 2 - 198 hogares en Costa Rica and 1 en los EE.UU.

Comunidad 3 - 198 hogares en Costa Rica and 16 en los EE.UU.

Community 4 - 198 households in Costa Rica and 2 in the United States

Community 4 is located in an area of concentration of several towns and small cities in the province of Guanacaste, close to the Pacific coast of the Gulf of Nicoya. It was one of the first Spanish colonization settlements, and it has been a region of large indigenous (Chorotega) settlements. The area's climate is bi-seasonal (rain/dry). Average temperatures are a few degrees above the national average.

There is a large flow of both foreign and national tourists in the region, who mainly visit its beaches. Hence, the main economic activities of the community, not a beach destination itself, are trade and services linked to tourism. In addition, the existence of several government offices constitutes an alternative –yet important- source of employment for community dwellers.

There is a good supply of basic health services, including a regional hospital offering treatment of medium complexity, located in town. All the continuum of educational services, from elementary school through (one) university, is available within the community as well. Most homes are equipped with sewage disposal, and have running water, electricity, and telephone. Most of the streets in town are paved. There are a few local radio stations and a local newspaper.

Comunidad 5 - 200 hogares en Costa Rica

Comunidad 6 - 201 hogares en Costa Rica

Comunidad 7 - 197 hogares en Costa Rica


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